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About MMM-R

Maternal Mortality Measurement Resource (MMM-R) provides a central source of maternal mortality measurement information and resources.

It is targeted towards:

Information is geared both towards those who are new to the field of maternal mortality measurement and those who are experienced in the area.

We welcome new material and links on maternal mortality measurement. We give full credit to the originating groups or individuals.

Please email us your suggestions.

Funding for MMM-R is through Immpact. Immpact is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Department for International Development, the European Commission and USAID.

The funders have no responsibility for the information provided or the views expressed on this website.

We use logos next to hyperlinks and materials that we cite in order to indicate the originating source. We are in the process of obtaining permission for these. If you would like us to remove your logo, please contact us and we will do so right away.