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Call for collaboration - Sampling at Service Sites
Immpact would like to form a collaborative network to undertake further development of Sampling at Service Sites (SSS).

United Nations News

Landmark UN women’s conference ends with pledge to prevent maternal deaths
A landmark United Nations-sponsored conference aimed at generating political will and investment to slash maternal deaths has concluded with participants pledging to bolster efforts to improve women’s health.

Medical News Today Maternal Mortality Falls In Bangladesh Largely As A Result Of Safer Abortion And Better Emergency Care
Bangladesh has seen an enormous fall in maternal mortality over the last three decades, due in large part to better access to safe abortion services, as well as emergency obstetric care, according to a report published in The Lancet, special issue Women Deliver.

People and Planet.net Death toll in childbirth still remains high
Maternal mortality in the world is declining too slowly to meet one of the Millennium Development Goals, which aims to improve maternal health and prevent women from dying in pregnancy and childbirth or from causes related to childbirth.

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