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Civil Registration

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Civil Registration: BACKGROUND

Civil registration is a routine, permanent, nationally mandated data source that captures vital life events (namely live births, deaths, foetal deaths, marriages and divorces). It provides legal documentation of such events and is the ideal source for vital statistics. However, even in contexts where civil registration is complete, underreporting and misclassification of maternal deaths is a frequent challenge. Civil registration can also be done on a sample basis, identifying deaths either actively or passively - Sample Vital Registration or SAVVY (Sample vital registration with verbal autopsy).

Identification of death

Family member and/or facility notify deaths to civil registration system at time they occur (actively).

Ascertainment of maternal/pregnancy related status:



Measurement requirements:

Civil Registration Forms

Sample Death Form:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Sample Death Certificate, USA. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Sample Birth Certificate Form:

University of California, San Francisco Sample Live Birth Certificate, USA. University of California, San Francisco

Also see:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Sample Modified Death Notification Form, USA. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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